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A Better Way To Build and Use Software

The MicroSaaS Platform

In a nutshell, here's what you need to know.


You Get A Secure Place
For All Your Data

Your own secure web environment where you can store and use any or all of your business and personal information.


Where You Install
A New Kind of App

A MicroSaaS app is like an individual feature of software that you install to your environment to work with your data.


Giving You One
Interface For Everything

Accessing just the information they need to get jobs done, your MicroSaaS apps
all work together in the same screen.

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All of your MicroSaaS works with all of your data in a single interface.

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Each panel is a different MicroSaaS app.

This Is The Future of Software

Keep reading to see how MicroSaaS makes it possible to solve any software problem.

MicroSaaS Stories

Case Study 1: Going All In

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Going All In

Full Software Replacement
Enterprises, Public Entities, or anyone sick of juggling multiple software systems!

Single System

Their entire business is managed from one interface.


Complete Control

Every employee has every job covered with MicroSaaS.

MicroSaaS Replaces Multiple Legacy Software Systems

A medium-sized enterprise had reached critical mass dealing with 35+ apps and tools.
Fed up, they turned to us for help, knowing their current path was unsustainable.


Their World Sucked

Too Many Apps

Training, onboarding, and multiple bills meant time & money wasted.

Too Many Logins

Juggling screens & tabs meant work kept falling through the cracks.

Bad Integrations

Their data was stuck in each app with no good way to connect them.

What We Did

We built 100 MicroSaaS apps that
replaced every other app and tool.

Their World Now

MicroSaaS gives everyone super powers... seriously.

See Everything in One Screen

From the CEO to Sales, everyone has their own custom interface.

Everyone is more efficient, and nothing slips through the cracks.

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Do Anything in One System

What took 35+ separate systems before is all done with MicroSaaS.

They even have functionality that traditional software can't offer.

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Data Becomes A Super Power

All of their data is not only in one place, all of their data is usable.

The result? Business intelligence only achievable with MicroSaaS.

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Any Features, No Limitations

Need a CRM feature? Project management? Chat? Invoicing?

With their data there, they all work together as MicroSaaS.

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Easy To Add New Features

MicroSaaS is faster and easier to build and can be any feature.

Even better, MicroSaaS apps can easily be installed à la carte.

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Just One Bill To Manage

A single monthly bill for all their MicroSaaS saves them time.

No unused SaaS subscriptions to pay for saves them money.

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MicroSaaS Stories

Case Study 2: A Simple Solution

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A Simple Solution

Any job or problem that's proving difficult to solve.
Everyone tired of makeshift options or complex software for simple jobs to be done!

Easy To Implement

Just the MicroSaaS needed to do the job the way you want.


Easy To Scale

Add or change functionality easily to fit your business.

Solving a "Small" Problem Makes a Huge Difference

A seemingly simple problem proved complex for one company to solve. Sick of wrestling with Excel, email, and calendars to track paid time off, they came to us for a better way.


Their Options Sucked

Makeshift Tools

Wasted time with Excel, calendars, and email drove them nuts.

Off-The-Shelf SaaS

Adopting a software suite for a simple job seemed totally nuts.

Custom Software

A long wait plus no guaranteed outcome was definitely nuts.

What We Did

We built three MicroSaaS apps that
replaced their makeshift process.

Their World Now

Everyone in their company saves time requesting, approving, and tracking PTO.

They Save Both Time & Money

Requesting and approving PTO now happens in just a few clicks.

Managers get a reporting tool for business insight and planning.

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Everyone Has What They Need

Each employee sees the PTO tool they need in their dashboard.

Their MicroSaaS fits their workflow, increasing efficiency.

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Everything Is Integrated

MicroSaaS automatically works with all their existing PTO data.

MicroSaaS can also integrate with their other software easily.

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Easy To Add Functionality

Adding any feature is just another MicroSaaS app.

No integrations; their data is already there, so it just works.

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